Everything you do should be part of a bigger story; it should build on what’s been done before and anticipate what’s still to come.

Last Word believes every business is different and deserves a bespoke approach to its communications. We work with you to develop a cohesive and tailored approach to your marketing, advertising, media and other promotional efforts that takes into account your objectives and budget, to ensure your efforts continue to resonate with your audience long into the future.



If you want to amplify the power of your messages through group advocacy, we can help you to identify the best approach. From national advocacy manifestos to multi-group or organisation advocacy strategies, we can help you and your organisation have ‘the last word’.

We have experience assisting national associations in planning their advocacy approaches. Our work in this area ranges from submissions on national policy to the establishment, management, communication and promotion of national and international advocacy weeks.

Advice and consultancy

A little good advice can go a long way. We can provide an unbiased outsider’s view of your organisation, project or situation from a communications perspective, and suggest the best way forward.

Last Word has provided strategic advice about a wide variety of subjects to businesses and organisations of all sizes. We consider the challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of your current situation, and provide advice on how to proceed to best achieve your objectives.

Change communications

Change isn’t always easy. And if it isn’t well managed, it can be disastrous. Our team has considerable experience leading communications for significant change programmes at a national, regional and local level.

We can help you manage your communications in an effective, transparent way that creates buy-in and helps your organisation avoid unnecessary stress for staff and uncertainty for stakeholders. By working with you to identify key milestones, impacts and risks, and the best way of communicating these to the relevant audiences at the right time, we help ensure the best outcome for your business or organisation during times of significant change.

Strategic development

A good strategy will identify opportunities and help maximise the return you receive for every dollar you spend. We have a track record of working alongside business owners to develop strategies that work. These are often developed through meetings that allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your business, share ideas and clarify exactly what you are aiming to achieve through your marketing, media, public relations and social media efforts.

We can also help ensure your existing strategy is engaging and easy to understand for staff and stakeholders through the use of visual tools such as images, infographics and video.

The first step towards creating a marketing approach to achieve results for your business or organisation is understanding your needs. If you’re interested in marketing support, contact us for a free consultation.