All our services can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business.


Media and public relations

Do you have an event to promote or an issue you’d like to bring to the public eye? Or are you looking to reach out to media and build your public profile? Positive media coverage is one of the most inexpensive and credible ways of promoting your business, product or service.

Last Word will build an understanding of your needs and work with you to present your message in the best possible way.

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Branding and markeTING

Good marketing is a vital part of connecting with your audience. We can help you work out how to get the best return on your marketing investment, and develop bespoke marketing materials to showcase what you have to offer.

From comprehensive brand and marketing strategies to one-off flyers, Last Word offers expert marketing support.

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Everything you do should be part of a bigger story; it should build on what’s been done before and anticipate what’s still to come.

Last Word believes every business is different and deserves a bespoke approach to its communications. We work with you to develop a cohesive and tailored approach to your marketing, advertising, media and other promotional efforts that takes into account your objectives and budget, to ensure your efforts continue to resonate with your audience long into the future.

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Web design and digital media

Professional web design and digital services can give your business the boost it needs to generate visits to your website and create a host of raving fans.

Last Word can manage, design and develop a consistent digital brand for you across all digital platforms. Our services include website design, content development and optimisation, social media management, and digital advertising placement and design.

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Last Word's tailored workshops can help your team build their communications skills.

Whether you're looking to improve your business writing, develop a marketing strategy or help your team get the most out of their interactions with the media, our expert advice can build skills, improve competence and inspire confidence.

Last Word can also deliver custom in-house workshops on a wide range of marketing and public relations topics by request.

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Funding applications and Tenders

A funding application or business proposal needs to set your business or organisation apart from the crowd. Last Word understands what makes your application stand out for all the right reasons. We work closely with your business or organisation to articulate your value proposition and ensure your application covers everything it needs to.

We also support non-profit organisations in securing Google Ad Grants and setting up AdWords to achieve maximum impact and benefit.


Reports and technical writing

Reports are a great way to share more in-depth information with specific audiences. From post-event reports and white papers to technical writing and annual reports, our experience ensures we can present your information, data or research in an engaging, easy to understand format that will resonate with and capture the attention of your audience.

We can also assist with the project management, design, distribution and promotion of your report to maximise its reach and let you focus on other things.



If content is your salad, then design is your dressing. Flyers, brochures, fact sheets and other marketing materials are a great way to showcase your business or promote your message. We can manage the entire process, from design and layout to content writing and printing.

Last Word has a network of expert designers who can present your online or print communications in the best possible light. If you would like to streamline the whole production process through one company, we can take care of it, from content writing and design to layout and printing.


If you would like a quote on any of the services listed above, or if you have any questions about other marketing, public relations, writing or communications services, please contact us.