Are you having trouble getting your name out there? Do you want to explore digital marketing and some of the latest avenues for promoting your products and services? How about raising the profile of your brand to inspire your audience? We can help.

Last Word understands you need to see results for your marketing spend. We only recommend marketing initiatives we are confident will work for your business and we will always endeavour to make sure what we do is measurable. For us, satisfaction comes from seeing our work contribute to your success.


Marketing strategies

A good marketing strategy identifies opportunities and maximises the return you receive for every dollar you spend on marketing. We have a proven track record of working alongside business owners to develop strategies that work. These are often developed over a series of meetings that allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your business, share ideas and clarify exactly what you are aiming to achieve through your marketing efforts. This approach leads to a meaningful strategy that identifies the most cost-effective marketing activities.

Brand development

Building a loyal following of people who are willing to stand up for your brand and its values is a powerful thing. Good branding can turn a product or service into a movement, but it requires careful thought and good communication to share a vision that will inspire the world. We can help you build your own unique brand that stands out from the competition.

Event planning and promotion

Our expertise planning and promoting national and international events will take your event to the next level. We can help you maximise registrations, produce engaging collateral and build hype in the lead-up to your big event.

Marketing collateral

Flyers, brochures, fact sheets and other marketing materials are a great way to showcase your business or promote your message. We can manage the entire process, from design and layout to content writing and printing.

Email marketing

Developing mailing lists of current and prospective customers who are interested in hearing your latest news, product updates and discount deals can be immensely beneficial. We can help create engaging email promotions and electronic direct mailouts that generate sales while also providing value to the people receiving them. We can also help you to develop and implement systems and incentivised lead generation platforms to grow your mailing list quickly and effectively.

E-newsletter template design

We can work with you to develop a bespoke plan and template for e-newsletters and e-bulletins, presenting your messages in an attractive way that aligns with your brand and gives you the best chance of getting your message understood. With our support, you can deliver word-perfect emails to your clients at the frequency you desire.

Social media marketing

We have expertise in digital advertising, including design. We can help you set up and place online display ads and optimise social media promotions on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Whether you want to sell products via social media or gather better user experience data about the people who are visiting your sites, we can help you develop the best approach.


Advertising that motivates and engages your target audiences can lead to direct sales and measurable returns on your investment. The secret is in identifying the right platforms to advertise on, and then developing engaging creative that grabs attention. We can help you target your advertising and promotional efforts towards the websites, publications, exhibition floors and other promotional opportunities that will reach the people that matter to your business.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the art of making your website look attractive to the automated tools search engines use when deciding which websites to show on the first page of search results when people are searching online.

Keywords and content optimisation play a big part in making your website findable. Whether you’re looking to build a comprehensive search strategy or do a quick update to increase pageviews, we can help. Original, engaging content is a recipe for search success, and we also offer content marketing support to generate blogs, articles and videos.

Search engine marketing

Reaching out to customers around the world has never been easier. Our expert support with tools like Google AdWords can help you reach out to prospective customers and generate more visits to your website. We can also help you establish database listings and obtain online reviews that paint a glowing picture of your business to prospective customers.

The first step towards creating a marketing approach to achieve results for your business or organisation is understanding your needs. If you’re interested in marketing support, contact us for a free consultation.